Guts and Glory!

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I take this game too seriously… xD
WE WERE STUCK IN RESPAWN WHEN BLU CAPTURED 1ST POINT ON THAT DARN EGYPT MAP AND WE WERE FRANTICALLY TYPING GOODBYES AND HAD OUR LAST HEADBUTT (T-T) He said things like “Sorry for spamming medic”, “You are a great doctor”. It’s 2 am im sleeping now

Ohhhhhh Oh fuck this is not ok..*crying*

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The Medigun is a genius medical marvel! Who cares what its made out of right!? Right?…

I cant be the only one who noticed this, and that the quick fix looks like its made out of half a blender.

im actually p sure medic bullshitted everything in the kitchen to make it.

jerry rigging to the max

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